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Apostles in the Church

Table of Apostolic Succession

Jesus Christ

The Apostles
Peter, James, John, Andrew, Simon, Matthew, Jude, Bartholomew, Phillip, James, Thomas,

And Their Successors,
The Bishops of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church
AD 33 to AD 1566

On 12 March, 1566
Cardinal Scipione Rebiba

Giulio Antonio Santorio
Who on 7 September 1586 Consecrated

Girolamo Bernerio, O.P.
Who on 4 April 1604 Consecrated

Galeazzo Sanvitale
Who on 2 May 1621 Consecrated

Ludovico Ludovisi
Who on 12 June 1622 Consecrated

Luigi Caetani
Who on 7 October 1630 Consecrated

Giovanni Battista Scannaroli
Who on 24 October 1655 Consecrated

Antonio Cardinal Barberini
Who, as Archbishop of Rheims, 1657 Consecrated

Charleas Maurice Latellier
Who on November 12, 1668 Consecrated

James Benigne Bossuet
Who on September 21, 1670 Consecrated

James Goydon De Matignon
Who on February 12, 1719 Consecrated

Dominic M. Varlet
Who on October 17, 1739 Consecrated

Peter John Meindaerts
Who on July 11, 1745 Consecrated

John Van Stiphout
Who on February 7, 1768 Consecrated

Walter Michael Van Nieuwenhuizen
Who on June 21, 1778 Consecrated

Adrian Broekman
Who on November 7, 1805 Consecrated

John James Van Rhijin
Who Consecrated

Gilbert De Jong
Who on April 24, 1814 Consecrated

Willibrod Van Os
Who on April 22, 1819 Consecrated

John Bon
Who on June 14, 1825 Consecrated

John Van Santen
Who on July 17, 1854 Consecrated

Herman Heykamp
Who on August 11, 1873 Consecrated

Gaspard John Rinkel
Who on May 11, 1872 Consecrated

Gerard Gul
Who on April 28, 1908 Consecrated

Arnold Harris Mathew
Who on June 29, 1913 Consecrated

The Prince Bishop de Landas Berghes
Who on October 4, 1916 Consecrated

Henry Carmel Carfora
Who on December 8, 1940 Consecrated

Francis Xavier Resch
Who on June 17, 1945 Consecrated

Earl Anglin Lawrence James
Who on December 25, 1950 Consecrated

Grant Timothy Billet
Who on October 23, 1979 Consecrated

Norman Richard Parr
Who on July 14, 1991 Consecrated

Maurice Darryl Mccormick
Who on April 26, 1997 Consecrated

Rodney P. Rickard 
Who on August 19, 2016 Consecrated

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