Forgiveness of Sins

God never shows Himself to be God as much as when He forgives. Confession isn't God demanding that we wallow in our mistakes; it is the means by which we overcome them. Confession is simply agreeing with God that we have not lived according to God's standards. Absolution gives us a clean slate. Baptism washes away Original Sin. But we still sin even after we are baptized. Absolution is for those sins we commit as Christians. 

Old Catholics do not require confession with a priest of sins to be forgiven. Like most Christians, we believe that all sin, even future sins we will commit, were forgiven at the cross when Christ died for sins. All we have to do to be forgiven is to repent our sins. Repent is more than feeling bad for our sins, it is changing the way we think about them and rededicating our lives to be sin-free.

If confession with a priest is not required to be forgiven, why go to confession. There are many valid reasons to confess your sins before a priest. One is that even though we may be forgiven by God, we carry around the baggage of our sins for years, and we never truly leave that baggage behind until we confess them to someone. A second reason is that sometimes we need to hear a priest or someone speaking on behalf of God in the Sacrament to tell us clearly that we are forgiven. A third reason is that it is an act of humility. It takes genuine humility to say to another human being, priest or otherwise, "This is who I am when nobody is looking."


Father R. Joseph Owles is availble to hear any confession.