Pet Blessing

The Kingdom of God Catholic Church
knows what you know:

Your Pets Are Members of Your Family.

The threat of illness or the loss of a pet is traumatic. Unfortunately most churches are not interested in this member of your family.


Your Pets Are Just as Important to Us as They Are to You.

The Bible says that God created the animals so that human beings would not have to be alone. God rescued two of every animal from the great flood along with Noah and his family. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus tells the Apostles to preach the good news to every creature.


As Much as You Love Your Pets, God Loves Them Even More!

The Kingdom of God Catholic Church is dedicated to ministering to both you and your pet. We provide:

1. Pet Blessings;
2. Anointing of Sick Pets;
3. Memorial Services for Pets who have died.
We conduct traditional, Christian services for you both you and your pets.

The memorial services provided by The Kingdom of God Catholic Church are respectful and dignified tributes to all beloved companions that have returned to God. Our memorial services allows you:

1. To publically acknowledge that your pet is an important member of your family;
2. Honor the life of your pet;
3. Participate in religious ritual to aid in the grieving process;
4. Make a public declaration of your faith that you and your friend will once more be united forever in God's Kingdom.

Your pet is your best friend, your family member, and your companion. Your pet offers you unconditional love and patience. Blessings, anointing, and memorial services are wonderful ways to celebrate the life and love of your pet while it is still alive and after it has returned to God.